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This is a sample digital manual. It can be searched for any text string. Clicking on a table of contents entry (or any other bookmark) takes you to that part of the manual.

Low cost digital manuals: easy to search, access, update and print!

What are the problems with large paper manuals?

  • Searchability

    • A designer needs the exact specifications for office flouresent lighting but does not want to search 400 pages to find it.

    • Your manuals over the years have filled a small room. Now, no one wants to have to look through that room to find the exact standards used in November 1986.

  • Access

    • The latest revisions of a paper manual do not arrive at one or more of the remote offices. Worse yet, at other offices they arrive, but no one there takes the time to replace the old pages with the new ones. As a result, a large part of an important job has to be redone because the work was done without the latest revisions.

    • Someone used an older section of a specifications paper manual and now needs to correct his work, but someone else has taken that section of the manual and not returned it.

    • Anyone who has physical access can read, copy or remove your pages from paper manuals.

  • Cost

    • Printing, mailing, distribution and the labor to swap the revised pages is expensive.

  • Updates

    • New revisions need to be made and distributed immediately, but the revision distribution procedure takes weeks and may not be scheduled for months.

  • Printing

    • The printing company has been delayed in getting the latest revisions done to a paper manual and there is a huge job starting tomorrow.

  • Preservation

    • Paper manuals get dirty, ripped, wrinkled and unreadable.

Digital manuals from Axiom are the solution!

  • Searchability

    • Digital manuals can be searched for any word or phrase.

    • Bookmarks let someone jump to the exact section they need.

    • Digital manuals on CDs can be labeled and kept on a bookshelf. This saves storage space, searching time and does not discourage finding the exact information needed.

    • “Sticky” notes can be placed anywhere in the manual and their color and shape can symbolize their content type.

  • Access

    • Digital manuals are always available to everyone who has been given access.

    • Digital manuals can be delivered with the speed of the Internet or on your internal network. CDs can be sent overnight if necessary.

    • Digital manuals can be passworded to prevent reading, printing, changing passwords or any combination of these.

  • Cost

    • Digital manuals cost considerably less to create, distribute and use.

  • Updates

    • Digital manuals don’t need to have pages swapped. They are ready when they arrive.

    • Digital revisions can be done in a day or two and distributed overnight. Thus, they can be scheduled much more frequently than paper revisions.

  • Printing

    • Digital manuals can be ready in a day or two and cost less than a paper revision system.

  • Preservation

    • Digital manuals never get torn, ripped, dirty, wrinkled or lost.


Digital manuals cost less than printing and distributing paper copies. They are easier to search, access, update and print. With digital manuals, you can preserve your manuals so they are not lost, torn, destroyed, wrinkled, soiled or worse. You’ll never lose another page. You will have certainty that the latest revision is what is being used by everyone. You can put thousands of pages on one CD, search for any word and find it instantly and link other documents to your manual to ensure your project gets done correctly. You can even password your documents so only you can change them!.

You can be confident when you select Axiom to do the work. We do it right and can provide quick turnaround when necessary, even on large jobs!

download a sample digital manual
Download a sample digital manual.

Click on the image to the right to
download a 121KB sample.

You’ll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0. If you don’t have it, download it.

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