Accurate CAD conversion services
delivered on time at a price you'll love!

Let us hand-vectorize your paper and raster drawings into MicroStation or AutoCAD formats for a fraction of the in-house costs!

Speed, Accuracy and Economy!

Axiom's CAD Conversion Service provides a surprisingly low-cost, highly accurate conversion service for small projects or exceptionally large ones. Files are converted by hand to AutoCAD or MicroStation format based on the exact standards you provide.

When accuracy is the name of the game

When accuracy is paramount our skilled staff can rectify your drawings to precisely match the dimensions or specifications provided. That means even if on paper a 15' wall measures 14'–6" it winds up being a true 15' wall in your CAD file.

"I've got to have this drawing yesterday!"

Project deadlines are always too close. Smart project managers use Axiom's CAD Conversion Services to get all the paper images converted to CAD files as soon as the project starts. By letting Axiom's CAD Conversion Services handle the basic image copying and drawing setup at the start, your architects and engineers can spend their valuable time doing the technical modifications and new design work that others can't. If on the other hand your project deadline is staring you in the face right now, Axiom has the resources necessary to push your drawings through the line fast!

Axiom does it right and does it at the right price!

From simple drawings that just need the line work and text copied to challenging, complex projects that require correlating different data sets and adding manual redline corrections or additions, Axiom's CAD Conversion Services can do it right! Axiom prides itself on delivering "on standard, on time" CAD conversion at a cost that's a lot lower than you would expect.

Axiomís CAD Conversion Service offers:

  • The exact accuracy you need.

  • Capacity for all sizes of projects.

  • Output to MicroStation and AutoCAD formats.

  • Quick turnaround even on large jobs.

  • The ability to incorporate redlining or disregard it.

  • The use of your standard cell (block) libraries, dimensioning styles, fonts, etc.

  • Element symbology and level (layer) assignment to your Standard.

sample DGN conversion Download a sample conversion to MicroStation DGN format

Click on the image to the right to download a 328 kilobytes sample.


sample DWG conversion Download a sample conversion to AutoCAD 14 DWG format

Click on the image to the right to download a 530 kilobytes sample.

By choosing Axiom's CAD Conversion Services, both files above saved our customer's over 50% of the costs associated with doing the work in-house.

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